For me, creating has always been about communicating something deeper. It is about telling stories that have the power to impact others in a personal and emotional way. I create to touch the souls of others. Everyone has experienced the feelings of being alone in such a chaotic world, but no one is ever truly alone. My characters experience struggles so that others can connect with them and feel understood.

Hidden within each photo are pieces of my own past, fragments of memories and emotions that I have experienced. Because of this, each image is personal while communicating an emotion or experience that many others have been through. Nothing we go through is ever unique to our timeline, others have been through similar situations or will go through them at some point in the future. Showing my own experiences in such areas allows others to see that they are not alone in their struggles or their joys.

Through self-portraiture, I am able to place myself into the surreal worlds I create, this enables me to see the image through my own eyes as well as the eyes of the character. Because of this process, I am able to use my body as a vessel for the story. Through the use of anonymity, the viewers are more likely to be able to place themselves into that person and see themselves as the character. The images I create, are intended to be an outlet for people to feel and experience their emotions freely through a tangible visual.

We are all stories and as a fine art photographer, I desire to share mine with the world while giving voice to those who might not have a voice. While each image is composed with attention given to the vibrant colors and overall technicality of the edit, the most important part is meaning. Without the emotion behind each story, the images are nothing more than photographs. Story will always be the most important part of my craft in order to form connections with the viewers.

Taking imagination and meaning, I transform them into something real, mixing together darkness and light to create symphonies of loneliness and hope. Without hiding the realities of pain and the evil present in the world, I communicate that there will always be more than that in our lives. There will always be hope lingering ever at our fingertips. The images I create are portals for others to step through in order to connect deeply with the image as well as with parts of themselves they did not know existed.