There has always been a thrill when I take a thought or a fragment of inspiration and jump into the creation process, watching it transform into something beautiful. By making images I take a spark of an idea, completely invisible to the outside world, and transform it into something visible and tangible. 

As a fine art photographer, I infuse each image with deep and personal meanings coming both from looking to the past and paying attention to the present. By focusing on the beauty that already exists in the world around us, I am able to create unique scenes as if straight from a fairytale. Through these images I strive to share tales of light found in darkness and beauty in decay. 

Self-portraiture allows me to not only become a character in each new world, but also to become a shell for others to see themselves inside of. Through the use of anonymity the viewers are more likely to connect with a character who could be anyone. Everyone experiences art in a different way, bringing to it his or her own unique perspective. The images I create are an outlet for people to be able to feel their emotions openly and honestly.

Inside the work I create I show the relationships between light and darkness and the effects of each one on our lives. Without hiding the realities of pain and evil present in the world, I also communicate the hope that lingers ever at our fingertips. Mixing these elements together I create melodies of life and death, misfortune and hope.