Fragments of Decay

This project is about bringing awareness to the multitude of abandoned buildings that lay decaying without any hope of a second chance at life. They are everywhere. Rotting. Falling to pieces. One day vanishing from existence.

It is incredibly heartbreaking to see so many buildings that are falling apart, especially the elegant houses that once used to be the crown of an area. It is horrible to see them wasting away, beautiful stories being forgotten and left for dead.

My hope for this series is to portray the stories that could have happened in these houses. I want to portray the people who might have lived in these spaces. Each building has a delicate story, one as delicate and as complex as the structure containing it. My desire is to portray them in a beautiful and lasting way so that even when the buildings are gone and people no longer remember them, my images will still be there. Remnants of what used to be, but no longer is.

Each building contains a faded story of the past that is slowly slipping further and further away from our memory. I hope to capture them before they are gone completely.

Check out the blog posts below that talk more about this series.

Fragments of Decay

For months I have been sitting on this image waiting for the “perfect” moment to release this series to the world. However, the longer I kept the image to myself the more I realized that that moment may never come. The only time we have is now and that is about as perfect as it… Continue reading Fragments of Decay

Day 107: When They Fall

There’s something so tragically beautiful about the destruction of the past. When old historic builds are torn down in the name of progress and their decaying ruins lay exposed to the elements. The unrecognizable form of what used to be a home brings tears to the surface and roots within the heart a deep sorrow.

Day 148: Wordless Wednesday, Vol. 3

It is time for another volume of photographs! This time all of these are images of abandoned buildings which I have taken while working on my Fragments of Decay photo series. Welcome to Wordless Wednesday, Volume 3 because a picture is worth a thousand words.

Day 151: Locked Sanctuaries

We have sanctuaries inside of us, build of strong bricks with a lock made out of insurmountable steel. These buildings are vast and grand, built like a fortress with the intent on lasting for ages to come. Nothing can hardly get in and that which does we intend to keep there.

Day 175: Growth In Decay

It might be strange to hear, but we all decay in one way or another. Buildings and other human structures are not the only thing to crumble over time. Through broken hearts, sorrow, depression, and a litany of other reasons, our worlds have transformed from sunny skies to thick grey clouds. We have all become… Continue reading Day 175: Growth In Decay

Day 203: Learning To Live

Every heart has something built up around it that has been constructed over long periods of time. As we move through life, various circumstances come into play that provide material, prompt additions, cause cracks, or breath through entirely in conjunction with the structure we construct around our breathing hearts. Whether we like it or not,… Continue reading Day 203: Learning To Live

Day 288: Wordless Wednesday, Vol. 6

Sometimes an image is worth a thousand words and here are several images for you. It’s time for another volume of Wordless Wednesday. This Wednesday, I will be sharing images taken at an abandoned building for a behind the scenes of my newest Fragments of Decay image.

Day 289: Living With The Past

The past is like the vines that spring up from little cracks and then they proceed to tangle themselves around objects nearest to them. They crawl forward, pulling at whatever tried to escape from its grasp. Much like the vines that swallow entire trees and buildings, the past tries to swallow us.

Ghostly Memories

It does not fade with time.┬áThe memories and the feelings, they persist as much as the persistent ticking of a clock. One of the greatest lies we are fed is that time is the healer, that with time or given enough time it will all be made right. If we only allow a little more… Continue reading Ghostly Memories