Fragments of Decay

This project is about bringing awareness to the multitude of abandoned buildings that lay decaying without any hope of a second chance at life. They are everywhere. Rotting. Falling to pieces. One day vanishing from existence.

It is incredibly heartbreaking to see so many buildings that are falling apart, especially the elegant houses that once used to be the crown of an area. It is horrible to see them wasting away, beautiful stories being forgotten and left for dead.

My hope for this series is to portray the stories that could have happened in these houses. I want to portray the people who might have lived in these spaces. Each building has a delicate story, one as delicate and as complex as the structure containing it. My desire is to portray them in a beautiful and lasting way so that even when the buildings are gone and people no longer remember them, my images will still be there. Remnants of what used to be, but no longer is.

Each building contains a faded story of the past that is slowly slipping further and further away from our memory. I hope to capture them before they are gone completely.