Day 243: Having Friends

Friendship is something we should never take for granted and it is definitely something we have taken for granted in the past. Before we were all placed into a quarantine, I believe a lot of us took for granted the people in our lives and the moments with them that have now become so incredibly special. We’ve been given the opportunity to see our lives from a new perspective and it’s show us some things we don’t overly like.

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Day 239: Creating Photo Ideas

Coming up with photo ideas can be a very big road block to many people, especially during times when it feels like all the inspiration in the world has dried up. Even the best of us have periods of time when creating can be incredibly hard to achieve, but creativity and inspiration are muscles that can be strengthen enough to withstand even the hardest of times.

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Day 238: Internal Freedom

We are all going through a strange time in our lives, a time filled with situations none of us have ever gone through before and hopefully never have to go through again. Mixed emotions run rampant inside of us and conflicting thoughts keep circling, circling, circling inside of our minds. Nothing like this has ever been experienced by this generation and with any luck none of us will have to face something like this again.

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