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First Friday Feature: Meghan Walker

In life it is very important to have people alongside of you, supporting what you’re doing and offering you friendship. As artists our work can often be solitary, we spend hours upon hours alone while we work and even though we may not be lonely it is important to keep people close. There will always be a need for someone who is willing to offer us a hand in life and in the 21st century these people don’t always need to be within our town. The internet makes people extremely available and connections can be made through any social media form.

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First Friday Feature: Jonathan Chapé

Having meet Jonathan briefly during the Promoting Passion Convention I could tell he was an a very talented person, but it wasn’t until we started doing the same 52 week project that I realized how incredibly kind and creative he is. After connecting through Facebook and Instagram, I couldn’t imagine a better person to feature for this months post. I hope you enjoy the interview I did with him for he is a truly incredible photographer.

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First Friday Feature: Brad Branson

Through the use of dramatic and surreal images Brad is able to communicate tales of unusual depth that pierce straight into the heart. Each image is beautifully unique and vibrant, often depicting simple backgrounds with intricately built characters. Each image Brad produces goes above and beyond the last, surpassing many artists in meaning and visual.
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