Reaching Seventeen

A year ago when I turned sixteen I decided to set 17 goals for myself to accomplish before I turned seventeen (you can read more about what motivated me to do this challenge through this link). They were difficult to accomplish and I must admit that I had to replace a few of the goals with something else when I realized how impossible they had become. But nonetheless I accomplished 17 things within a year and now on my birthday I want to share with you exactly what they were and how I managed to accomplished them.

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First Friday Feature: Regan Nishikawa

Nothing says creative storytelling better than Regan Nishikawa’s work. The amount of detail he puts into the characters and the storyline within each image stands out as they are displayed in a beautiful array of colors. Every location he chooses for the images he produces wraps up the whole atmosphere perfectly, creating alternate worlds and realities. I am honored to feature his work and to have the opportunity to delve into his mind. Continue reading below to take a peek into his creative process.

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