Day 361: The World Is Wide

There are adventures to be had and a life to be lived. Our days are our own to treasure and explore, each offering up a unique opportunity to venture out into the unknown. There is a breeze to be felt on your skin and birds in the clouds leading you on to your next adventure. No two days should be lived exactly the same, not when there are more things to be done and other places to see.

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Day 359: All My Favorite Posts

I am coming extremely close to the end of my 366 blog post challenge and all I can truly say is that I am completely shocked that I have made it this far. It has been a huge time commitment and at times a struggle. I’ve learned many lessons over this past year (which I’ll share in a separate blog post), but for now I would like to share my favorite posts from the last three hundred and fifty-eight days.

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Day 357: Holding On To Who You Are

Do you know who you are? During the uncertain and varying landscapes of life, we can easily lose sight of who we are. Each one of us is beautifully unique, filled with different personalities, passions, and stories that make up our identity. No two people are the same, for we each have a past filled with one of a kind experiences and memories.

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