Day 292: The Game Of Hindsight

Hindsight can be a very painful game to play. It happens when we begin to venture down the road of looking at and searching in our past. We see situations we didn’t understand at the time and desire to go back and tell ourselves exactly what would happen. Over time we grow and learn, and it becomes a very dangerous game to look at on the past.

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Day 287: Starting Again

It is never too late in life, in the year, in the day, to reset and reassess your life and your goals. It is never too late at any point in time to reconsider what it is you are pursuing and what you feel like chasing after. At any moment you have the power to change your mind and your course. What you are doing now does not have to be what you are doing tomorrow. All it takes is the decision to move away from your current path.

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