Day 286: Asking For Help

In life, we try to get through everything by ourselves. Our life is ours and we dare not reach out for help in any area ever. That would show weakness and vulnerability, it could possibility reveal the fact that we don’t know what we’re doing. But I will let you in on a little secret, asking for help is not admitting that you are weak, it is admitting your goals take great strength to reach.

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Day 285: Making Mistakes

We have all made mistakes in our lives. It is a simple realization that helps us understand that everyone is human, messing up is a very big part of living a normal human life. Which means we have all made mistakes, we are making mistakes, and we will make mistakes. There’s no getting rid of that and how comforting it is to know that we are not the only person on earth messing it up time and again.

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Day 283: First Friday Feature: Anthony Bowes

The first time I met Anthony Bowes was a few years back at a book signing. His art was displayed at the venue of the book signing and I was amazed at how much talent he had. This First Friday Feature is a little different from the ones before, but only because of the medium being covered, the art is just as wonderful and deserves the highest of praise. Continue reading below to find out more about the painter Anthony Bowes.

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