Lillian Merritt discovered photography at the age of eleven. The craft instantly captivated her with the power of being able to transform the ordinary into something extravagant and fanciful. Over the years her desire to create grew stronger and at the beginning of 2016 she started her photography business, Strength Of Atlantis. 

In 2018, she had her first gallery exhibition and has had several since then. The most notable of the exhibitions was when some of Lillian’s images where part of the Fotofever Paris 2018 event held in the Carrousel du Louvre thanks to her partnership with Charlet Photographies. Currently, Lillian is studying at Liberty University and working towards her Associates Degree in interdisciplinary studies. She finished a 52 Week Photo Project in 2018 and is working on a long-term photo series. 

For Lillian, creating has always been about communicating something deeper. It is about telling stories that have the power to impact others. Hidden within each photo are pieces of her own past, fragments of memories and emotions that she has felt give depth to the meaning behind the story. Because of this the images are both personal and universal.

Through self-portraiture, Lillian is able to place herself into the surreal worlds she creates, living out the narrative both as herself and the character. Separating herself from the person within the frame she is able to use her body as a shell for the story. 

Lillian creates to touch the souls of others. Everyone has experienced the feelings of being alone in such a chaotic world, but no one is ever truly alone. Her characters experience struggles so that others can connect with them and feel understood. Taking imagination and fantasy, she transforms them into something tangible, mixing together darkness and light to create symphonies of loneliness and hope.