First Friday Feature: Emil Ebdrup

When I first found Emil’s photography, I fell in love with his unique and contrasting visuals. They tell such beautiful stories in a way that is emotive and presented in a clear manner. With an amazing eye for color and story, his photographs have a way of drawing you in and keeping you fixed on them. Which is exactly why I had to share his story with you here on my blog.

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Standing In The Rain

We must learn to be the person who dances in the rain, rather than the one who runs for cover. We have all felt the pressure to fit in, from a very young age to where we are now, there have been choices and decisions made based on the outside pressure to be part of the crowd. From little kids to grow adults, all we want is to be accepted by others and the society we live in. 

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Day 365: All The Lessons I Have Learned

As I near the very end of my 366 day blog post challenge, I begin looking back over the last year at all the different lessons I have learned during this time. It is truly hard to believe that I have reached the second to last day of this challenge and will pass into a new phase of blogging after this is all over. But before that happens, I want to share some of the biggest lessons I have learned this year.

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