Day 307: A Little Life Update

I hope all of you are doing well and enjoying your summer. This is a crazy period during all of our lives, which is why I wanted to take a moment to update you as to what is going on in mine. My plans for this year have changed so many time, I’m not exactly sure of the exact number, which is why I wanted to share this plan with you. It will hopefully be the one I follow through with in the coming months.

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Day 306: Keeping Your Dedication

Staying dedicated is by far one of the hardest things you can do in your entire life. It’s difficult, easy to slip away from, and altogether easier to give up no matter how close you are to your end goal. As humans, we are easily diverted from accomplishing something. It is truly easy to get distracted by something other than what we are doing and chase after it instead.

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Day 302: The Blessing Of Friends

Friends are the biggest blessings in life and can be part of some of the most wonderful days you have experienced. While in the years we are alive different people come and go into our hearts and out, there is no doubt that without friends, life would be a terrible experience. Our closest friends make the life we live bearable and fun.

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