Day 194: Connection

I discovered a quote on Pinterest today. In fact I discover lots of quotes on Pinterest every day, it’s a wonderful website to find inspiration of every kind. It’s also a place you go in order to disappear for a few hours and reappear somewhere in the DIY section wondering how on earth you got there. But anyways, I found a quote on there today and it was so wonderfully beautiful I have to share it.

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Day 193: Day In The Life No. 3

Good Morning! Today was another Day In The Life on my Instagram story and I am very excited to share it here on my blog with a little more written detail. The day began much like other days with me staying up far too late and not getting quite enough sleep. Which led to me waking up at 8:20 a.m. and proceeding to go back to bed until 10:00 a.m.

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Day 192: First Friday Feature: Alex Benetel

As soon as I discovered Alex Benetel’s work I was in love. The mysterious and unique environments along with the vibrant colors and stories captured my attention immediately. Alex has had the amazing opportunity of capturing stills on the sets of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and A Wrinkle In Time. It is my incredible honor to feature her in April’s First Friday Feature.

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Day 189: March Recap

Tomorrow is April! How incredible is that?! It seems like yesterday was just New Year’s Eve and time does not show any signs of slowing down. So we must go forward confidently, knowing that tomorrow will be whatever we decided to make it. Our situations and our circumstances may currently be on rocky ground, but we will always be in charge of how we spend our precious time.

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Day 188: Making Progress

Growth, evolution, progression, change. These are necessary aspects in everyone’s life, especially an artists life, without them there is stagnation which leads to deterioration. If we are not moving forward we are moving backwards, even if it feels as if we are standing in one place. Not progressing means we are standing still while time continues to move on without us.

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