17 Before 17

   Life is so short. Each moment that goes by will never be experienced again. It’s a very scary thought, especially when we think about all we haven’t done. Often I begin to think about what I want to do and what I haven’t and get terribly scared. So scared that I end up not doing the things I want to do. This thought process is destructive and down right crazy. To let fear prevent us from doing the things we want to do should be unheard of. We all fall into the cycle of being scared of out doing what we would like to accomplish.

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Promoting Passion 2017

 Where do I even start?

     I guess the best place to start any story is at the beginning, so let me take you back to 2015, when 14 year old me and my mother embarked on an epic journey to Boone, North Carolina. As we drove up that very large, very foggy mountain it was like driving from one world and into another. Those of you who also took that journey will know exactly what I mean when I describe the trip as completely magical.

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Challenges Of A Challenge

     At the beginning of each and every year I bite off more than I can chew. I set so many goals that it’s just impossible to finish them in a years time. One of the goals was to do three 30 day challenges. I was able to do two privately, but I made the decision to do the last one on Facebook.  Continue reading “Challenges Of A Challenge”

Step Out

     Not very often do I stray from the boundaries of eleven acres, jump in the car and stroll among the outside world wearing capes, nightgowns and wedding dresses. Not often enough do I explore graveyards, forests, and cities for the perfect photoshoot locations.

     I don’t take my passion outside of my house enough.

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Behind The Name

     There is a lot to be said about names. Everything we know of has one. I do, you do. Plants also have names as well as trees and roads. Names can spark memories and emotions, calling to mind different things with just the sound of the word. Names like “Hitler” can stir up hate and anger while names like “Hot Chocolate” bring to mind the sweet liquid blanket and thoughts of winter nights.

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