Social Media Detox: Day 18

I may never get back on social media. The feeling of freedom and the absence of pressure is far too intoxicating. Yet, here I find myself wondering whether or not I can build a business outside of social media? Is it possible to create a successful and profitable without the helping hand of social media?

Most would probably say yes. I would probably even say yes, but it is something that I am willing to explore as I venture away from social media and back into the real world. This open ended break from the online realm is looking rather endless, much longer than the weekend I planned on deleting it for. It will probably even be longer than a month. While I know I will get back to it one day, I know that day is a very long ways off. 

Life without social media is just better. There is an overall feeling of less stress, I’m not having news pushed down my throat constantly and it’s beautiful to exist in an almost peaceful environment for once. Life holds more than we realize and the busyness of the internet can really just get in the way of our ability to live fully. 

What do you think you would prioritize if it weren’t for social media? Not only is there more time for the things that are truly important, priorities can shift and show new or forgotten areas that are now begging for our attention. 

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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