Social Media Detox: Day 3

I really don’t miss social media. My life is not made worse for not having it in my life, in fact it is probably made better by not having it always at my fingertips. I know less about the world around me, but more about what’s happening directly to me. I can pay attention directly to the events unfolding before my very eyes rather than always watching what is happening miles and miles away. 

Today was the first weekday I had without social media, I thought for sure I would be incredibly bored at my job, but the emptiness was filled with conversation with my boss/sister as well as reading when things were just far too slow (I may end up carrying around a book with me just in case that way when I find myself without anything to do I am not tempted to look at my phone). Today was a rather lazy day, but beautiful all the same. I did not feel stress or even much depression in the events that took place over the course of my waking hours. 

About a week ago, I ordered prints of images (600 and some to be exact) taken throughout the year of 2020 and when I arrived at home after work I found that they were waiting for me. A small tub of ice cream, a cup of tea, and music blaring, I was able to sort through all of the images and look back on the crazy year we faced in 2020. It was so refreshing to just take a moment and to be present in my mind whilst doing a rather simple and brainless activity. 

From there I was able to work on and almost complete a new image that is just completely surprising me. My creativity is starting to rise and I can feel my focus returning. While I’m not completely sure if the lack of creativity, inability to find interest in activities, or having little to no focus was because of social media, I am beginning to feel more like myself with every passing hour. 

I believe in the next few days I will have returned to peak performance and will be ready to chase after my dreams with everything in me. I am looking forward to exploring the ways in which social media was completely depriving me and how I can still work on building my business without being able to promote it on Instagram. 

Others have built their careers off of social media right? In fact most of the work needed to build a business happens outside of social media? Well, I hope that is correct because I cannot see myself returning to social media anytime soon, it is not a necessity, it is a luxury and until I can learn how to control that luxury I do not want it in my life. 

As I continue on with this detox, I am beginning to realize that the hardest part will be ultimately returning to social media and keeping myself from being addicted to it. But for now, I am excited and content without it.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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