Social Media Detox

I made a decision to delete all my social media apps. 

I needed to get away. I needed to escape and find a life outside of the addictive powers of social media. There is a dilemma in our world today with the need to use social media to build businesses, but the destructive qualities it can have on our lives. It’s something I have been struggling with since the beginning of 2016 when I first got Instagram and Facebook. 

As I struggled with a new job, the current events of the world, as well as depression, I knew something had to change. While social media at its core is not the cause of any of the above listed items, it is not helping anything, therefore it was far past time to delete that which is making life so much harder. 

Will it be for a weekend like originally planned? Probably not, I’m beginning to think the break will be lasting much longer than originally intended. Will it be a week? A month? I’m not sure, but I am excited at the prospect of not having to know at this point in time. I will come back when it is right and not a second before. 

There is already a feeling of freedom rising within my soul and the fact that I am craving that freedom tells me I am making the right decision. No pressure to get so many likes, no constant bombardment of news articles, no more wasting hours scrolling on the search page. Instead there will be more time, more freedom, and I hope more life to be lived. 

I cannot wait. 

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

2 thoughts on “Social Media Detox”

  1. Oh I love this. Ironically I just sent you an invitation to a small, hopefully personal Facebook group I’ve just started aimed at networking with other Fine Art Photographers. Maybe when/if you come back it might be something for you. 🙂

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