Over Any Distance

Distance does not matter when there is connection.

When two are drawn together, no expanse of land or water can keep their hearts from finding their way back. Separation, isolation…these may make it seem as if the heart beats alone, but if we look a little closer we can begin to see the invisible strings tying us to others. Stretching out from our fingertips to theirs, we cannot deny that we are bound to some and them to us.

We exist on a vast planet in a confusing time, but there are others in our lives. We have formed connections and found companions. Distance does not clip those connecting strings. They can be forged from a material stronger than steel, however when we ignore them, they will rust away. But nurture and love those connections and no matter the distance they will flourish.

Hand stretched out towards hand. No, distance does not truly matter for those brave enough to reach beyond our own worlds. All it takes is reading. Sometimes it takes being the first to step out. Sometimes it takes being uncertain of ourselves, but being certain in the importance of them.

Our world is divided by what feels like enormous distances. Spaces, however small, can feel like gaping chasms, but the string remains still. The connection remains, it’s there in our hands even when they are not.

Distance does not matter when they matter more. All it takes is reaching out our hand.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

Self-portrait, November 2020

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