Holding On To Hope

On delicate wings, hope flies. Hearts grow heavy, minds become confused, and the soul feels sombre within. All is dark and despair crawls its way through any unchecked fracture, slipping through the best defenses and planting its seed internally.

Bleak, desolate, empty, hopeless, confused. Lives spinning through seasons without a foundation to stand upon, foundations cracking with ground shaking fear, all seems lost. Hope seems far from sight and impossible to hold, its delicate wings carrying it far away.

Even though the skies may grow dark and the world seems to slip into chaos, a light remains. Slipping, turning, and floating through the air comes hope. Delicate yet invincible. Fleeting yet stationary. Aloof yet comforting. Hope comes on a breeze, a glimmer of light in the darkness and the softest kiss of a brighter future. It was never far nor impossible to reach, yet our fear and confusion blinded us to the light present in our grasp. 

Rub your eyes, clear your vision, and remind yourself that hope is near. Cling to it with the softest touch, it is carried by fragile wings that can easily be snuffed out in a grasp that is too restraining. Allow the light of hope to be a comfort as it flits about your heart and soul. With a delicate grip, you allow it to grow and transform in front of you. 

In the darkest of days there is always a light to be found. There is always hope when we believe there to be none. Hope for a brighter future, hope for the seasons to change, hope for a life to be restored. Hope is not a false incentive, it will push back the clutches of doubt and despair given enough freedom. It will lift one’s spirits and create a heart within you that is sunny and willing to face whatever may come with a gaze of iron and light. 

Hold to hope, it comes to you on delicate wings. 

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

Self-portrait, October 2020

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