Ending To Begin Again

Sometimes in life we collapse. We face a change, a hard situation, an unplanned circumstance and it becomes far too much to bear. It creates confusion, pain, sorrow, and through all of that we feel ourselves collapsing. We shrivel up under the weight of it all, feeling the fractures slip up the sides of who we are causing us to feel broken and alone.

Just like the seasons around us, we ourselves experience a sort of fall. It might not happen in such a consistent and calculated way as the actual season, but it comes upon us and we face the pain of an ending. Endings are no light thing in life, the broken feeling, the tired spirit, it all collects together to paint a picture of our collapse.

Fall of the human soul, the pain and beauty of an ending, all the circumstances collecting together to create the hues of the season within our own lives. We never want to see the endings come about, but they come and they change us. An ending will always change us more than the beginnings we experience. How painful they are, yet how beautiful.

We collapse and break apart, facing the dark nights of sorrow, yet one day we will see the light of a new beginning. We will experience the start of something new. For only when we are broken apart will we ever be able to build something new and stronger with the pieces. We must collapse to allow room for growth, we must break apart in order to allow the light to slip in through the cracks. We’ll never truly know the kind of person we could be, if we never experience an ending. 

As painful and as hard as a season of fall can be in our lives, there are so many opportunities for beautiful change. So break apart, split into pieces and allow the fall to break you down to the very foundation of who you are. Experience it in its own time, allow it to work through you and around you, but never allow it to consume you. There is hope on the other side, there is growth to be had, there is a life to be lived and experienced with the changes you have found during this period. 

Because just like the world around us, we change from season to season. And just like the world, what was once an ending will again be transformed by a beginning. 

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

(whispering, murmuring, or rustling)

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