Ghostly Memories

It does not fade with time. The memories and the feelings, they persist as much as the persistent ticking of a clock. One of the greatest lies we are fed is that time is the healer, that with time or given enough time it will all be made right. If we only allow a little more time to pass, those moments will begin to slip into our distant memories and disappear from our minds. If only that were really true. 

The more time passes, the more past we have within our story. Time creates memories, time creates the greatest of moments and the worst of them all. It never ceases and never gives us a second rest. Stories pile on top of each other, creating the very framework of our history. It hangs in the air like an ever present ghost, our very foundation and home. Time may blur the edges, but it is there, present and feeding off every day that passes. 

One of our biggest decisions in life concerns the past that does not fade. The decision of whether or not we allow the past to be a burden or a building block. We have the choice and the power to understand that the things in our past will never be changed or taken away and continue on in spite of that. We have the power to take what we have been through and become stronger in the here and now. The past does not fade, but we do not need to fade because of our past. 

We are not the things we have been through, we are what we decide to become after them. Time does not change the past, but with time we can grow and add new memories to our story. In what way can you use your past as a building block instead of a burden?

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

Part of the Fragments of Decay series

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