Finding Light In Friendship

Life can often become dark without any explanation. Situations can change drastically overnight, we often become engulfed in hardships, and sorrows will fill our skies suddenly without so much as a second thought. We will face dark days many, many times in our lives. They will appear without warning and last for much longer than we expected, leaving us feeling drained and hopeless. 

However, we must remember that there is a light to be found in even the blackest of nights and within our greatest hour of need. This light is found within friendship, within our relationships with others, and the connections we have formed with other beautiful souls. As much as we often desire to push through by ourselves without involving others, we must recognize how there is strength in numbers. Darkness can consume our minds and make it impossible to see any sort of light. With the help of others who have a different perspective from us, they can guide us lovingly to light we had not seen before. 

There is incredible power in connection and it can shed light on even the darkest of days. 
A little while ago, I was facing the biggest wave of creative block I have ever had. My perspective was extremely limited to my situation and the feelings of frustration that came with it.

However, I learned how important it is to have people you can reach out to during such a time and times much worse. I was amazed at how supportive and willing people were to lend a hand and shed light into my life. This image was inspired by a beautiful message I got back from a friend during my creative block, and I hope that it will serve as a reminder to you. 

We do not have to walk the path of life alone. When we do, our light will waver with the coming clouds of darkness. Yet, when we have someone there beside us, together we can create a beam of light that does not grow faint in the blackness of night. This beam will shine on both of our lives and together we can face anything.

Is there a darkness you are facing right now in life? If so, who could you reach out to that could shine their own light into your life? Reaching out can be the very best thing you can do and people will be there for you.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

(Ray of Light)
Though the darkness pushes in from every side, two hearts come together and create a beam of light that sweeps into the night.

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