Daring To Fall

Falling is not always failure. The world puts such a negative meaning on the idea of falling or “failing” at something that people become so afraid of trying. We can never be completely perfect at everything, therefore, there will always be times in our lives where we are striving after something new and seemingly failing at it.

Because we have access to an extensive amount of people through social media, we often compare ourselves to others who have already perfected the new area we are working on. We see others doing something we wish to be good at and wonder why we cannot automatically rise to that level. There is no doubt about it, we will always compare our worst to someones best. This leads to frustration, anger, disappointment, and can even lead to giving up.

We try and fail and give up because we weren’t perfect the first time. There were expectations planted in our minds of how we wanted it to turn out and because we’re trying something new, our expectations were far beyond our skill level. The feeling of falling down that is perceived as failure is an uncomfortable feeling to sit with. Being a beginner and not knowing what you’re doing seems unacceptable in a world that only presents people’s best.

It is incredibly hard to be a novice in something when everyone already seems to be a master at. Yet, why is it that we compare our baby steps to someone’s life long journey? Why is it that we never get back up after falling down once because we think if we’re not naturally perfect it’s not for us? Why do we allow the process of learning to feel unacceptable when it is the only way to reach the point of mastery? 

We must put ourselves in a position of not knowing in order to reach a point of knowing. There is so much to do in life and only allowing yourself to do the things you are not perfect at the first time around, excludes so many possibilities. The world has made it hard to be a beginner and to try new things, but that shouldn’t be.

It is okay to not know what you’re doing while striving to learn more. Failing at something over and over again is only a way of learning, true failure is trying, falling down, and never getting back up. 

You have such capabilities to learn something new and master it. It may take time, and it might not be easy, but in the end, the process is all part of the journey of introducing something new and exciting into your life. So my question for you, is what have you desired to learn but have given up on because you weren’t perfect the first time around?

I dare you to chase after that again and allow yourself to not know. Putting ourselves into that position is the only way we can grow from where we currently are.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

The fall does not end with downfall, it leads to a glow that speaks of life and a journey not yet complete. The forest breathes in life as the fall leads to a breeze filled with endless possibilities of more to come.

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