Building Community

If you are looking for a community, you are welcome here. There is a desire inside of me and inside of you. In fact this desire has made a home in every human heart that has even pulsated inside of someone. It is a desire that never goes away and must be satisfied in some way in order to live a fulfilled life.

This desire is the desire for community. For love, support, acceptance, motivation, and inspiration. We all desire to find a group of people that lifts up each other and creates more of a family than a friend group. There is a difference between friends and community, the latter being made of much stronger connections that last for a longer time.

When we are disconnected from others, this longing for connection and community grows. The same is true when we feel as if we have not found a community for ourselves. Community is built through connection found in various ways throughout our lives. From our passions, conventions, online platforms, etc. It can truly be found in the most unusual of places and last for our entire lives, but how does one find community when we feel like it is missing? 

There is a light inside of you that will attract those around you who are kindred spirits. It burns in your heart and is made up of your passions, your values, and everything that makes you you. We cannot hide this light from spilling out into the world, it is too beautiful to be hidden and burns too hot to be kept in the dark. We shine as brightly as the rising sun and just like the most beautiful sunrises, we will attract those who are looking for that light in their own lives. 

One of my deepest passions is community. I created this image to depict the feeling of having others drawn in and my desire to use my photography to create a space for community. There is a longing in us all for connection, there is a general disconnect from others in all of our lives, and this is an invitation to join me in creating a community of passionate and courageous souls. 

Go no further if you are looking for community, you are welcome here and encouraged to spark conversations with myself and others in the comments below. Share your journey of finding community, where you’ve looked and what you’ve found. Life must be lived with connection, and I desire to create a space where connections can be formed. 

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

“Spolu Ako Jeden”
(Together As One)
The light bursts across the sky, filling the distant edges of the earth and touching the very heart of others. Nothing like it has ever existed before and from all around it drew in the soul to its beauty.

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