Standing In The Rain

We must learn to be the person who dances in the rain, rather than the one who runs for cover. We have all felt the pressure to fit in, from a very young age to where we are now, there have been choices and decisions made based on the outside pressure to be part of the crowd. From little kids to grow adults, all we want is to be accepted by others and the society we live in. 

This pressure motivates much of what we do, how we dress, the car we drive, the ways we act, even the career field we venture into. The overwhelming desire to be accepted by the crowd drives us in directions that are often not the true course we want to take. We do everything in our power to be liked by others in order to be “popular”. Yet, this isn’t how life was meant to be lived. 

Each and every single person alive today and in the past has been different. They have had unique personalities, passions, and motivations. The same is true for you. You are a uniquely beautiful person, why try to shove who you are into a box deemed desirable by the world? We were created to stand out with all of our individuality and quirks. There is something inside of you that no one else has, not a single soul resembles you in any way. We must begin to accept that and realize that our individuality is our superpower. 

Fitting in with the world is so overrated, what’s so fun about a crowd of people all living the exact same lives? Life is about building up a unique version of yourself. Learning what you love doing and doing more of that. Finding your true calling and chasing it down. Living out your beautiful personality with all of its originality. 

You are unique. You are amazing. You are one of a kind. No one else is like you and you should embrace that. Throw off the pressure to fit in and learn how to be yourself. The world will tell you to run for shelter when the rain comes, it will tell you to walk in a certain direction, and it will try to put you into a neat little box.

How can you learn to dance in the rain and walk in a new direction? You were never meant for a box, how will you tear yours down?

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

The rain beats down on the crowd, drive them for shelter and cover. It slips along the skin, sending shivers down the very spine. Yet, there is one who looks up in admiration and joy. The rain is a comfort and a blessing, not something to run from.

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