Entering Into Fall

There is change in the air, wouldn’t you say? All around there is a crispness in the air as the world shifts from one season to another. Flowing from the known into the unknown, from the stable into the changing. We entire a time of transition, transformation, shifting, and an altogether altering of the entirety of the world.

For many fall is approaching which means a transition into a period of time where the whole world transforms in front of your eyes. The trees change colors, the skies grow cloudy, and the temperatures begin to drop as days grow shorter and shorter. This new season often brings to mind the concept of change.

This external shift all around us prompts a look into our internal world, it stirs within us a desire to dawn such beauty as the trees around us and present it to the world. We desire to see on ourselves the transformation that is happened all around us. Change is such a gorgeous thing to take place, not only around us in the world, but internally within our own hearts and our own minds.

Imagine how boring life would be without it. No seasons to enjoy such diversity, everything the same and uniform in appearance. Nothing would be worth working towards because we would not have the pleasure of growing in such a process. Each day we lived through would be exactly the same if we did not experience change. Life as we know it would disappear without the ability to transform and we would be stuck with a life of utter stagnation. 

We must learn to cultivate change within our own lives. By looking out into nature, we can see the beauty of change all around us as weather shifts, seasons replace one another, and not a single thing remains the same. Remaining the same person you were yesterday limits the amount of life you are able to experience. There is so much to become and so much beauty to be found in becoming a new version of who you are. 

As the seasons shift, so too must we, growing as a person and allowing our souls to breathe within us. There is so much room for us to grow in this world, so many ways we can allow transformation to take place in our lives. Just like the world around us, we must change in order to continue with life because stagnation will be the end of everything if we allow it to be. 

As we shift into a new season, I find myself looking for ways in which I can change not only myself, but the life I am living. There are many areas in my life that could use an overhaul, especially now that my blog challenge is over. I feel as if there is more time available to me that will allow for changes to be made.

This year has been a huge transition year for us all, but this fall I want to take that back into my own hands and change in the areas I want to change in. How will you be cultivating a life of change this fall?

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

The leaves rustle as a gentle breeze sweeps through the treetops, singing of change and the coming of a new season. All around the world shutters, feeling deep within its core a transformation taking over and setting in.

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