Day 365: All The Lessons I Have Learned

As I near the very end of my 366 day blog post challenge, I begin looking back over the last year at all the different lessons I have learned during this time. It is truly hard to believe that I have reached the second to last day of this challenge and will pass into a new phase of blogging after this is all over. But before that happens, I want to share some of the biggest lessons I have learned this year.

  • You can push yourself more than you thought

We all think we have a specific breaking point where we just cannot go past. However, we often shy away from going anywhere near that supposed breaking point, to the point we’re not even sure if we would break if we reached it. I encourage you to bravely walk towards the point and begin to see that it is truly farther away than you realized. We are stronger and more resilient that we thought and unless we challenge those breaking points we’ll never advance outside of our comfort zones.

  • A year is both an eternity and a split second

Time is a very fickle thing to deal with. One day can drag on forever, yet when we look back and entire month has passed in the blink of an eye. When you’re setting goals or looking to the future, try to remember that when you face a year day by day it will seem to take forever. Yet a year in the gran scheme of life is truly just a split second. It is a manageable time frame to accomplish things with.

  • Focus on the end goal, but pay attention to the next step

The end goal should be our motivation. Being able to accomplish something we set after is the very thing that keeps us going. When we focus too much attention on each little tiny step we can get discouraged with how little progress we are making. However, when we focus on the end goal it gives us drive to continue on our journey. In the same breath though, we cannot only focus on the end goal. We must pay attention to the little steps as well because they will lead us towards that end goal.

  • Taking purposeful rests is okay and often necessary

Sometimes it is completely okay to take a break. We need rest in order to bounce back and really make some good headway in our goals. Especially if we’re working on a long term project, rest can be extremely beneficial for our mental fortitude and inspiration. If you’re feeling dragged down by everything going on, step back and surround yourself with other things that inspire and motivate you. When we come back from purposeful rests, we’ll be refreshed and ready to go.

  • When you fall, don’t stay down too long

Life happens and that’s okay. We cannot take into account every obstacle and challenge we face in the future. Therefore, things will come up unexpectedly and knock us off of our path. It happens to the very best of us and it is not the important part. The important part is how fast we get off of the ground when we are knocked down. Allowing a single obstacle to knock you clean off your path and keep you down is a failure, but when you are able to get back up right away you have found success in that very moment.

  • Planning ahead can keep you sane

Jumping into something without a plan will likely cause you a huge headache that will not go away until you have a plan. I often flew by the seat of my pants during this challenge, which led to stress, lack of motivation, and the overall unwillingness to keep going. But when I took the time to plan out a month in advance, I knew where my focus should be concentrated and what had to be done every day. It keep me sane and focused on the end goal rather than each little detail.

  • Finishing a goal is the best feeling in the world

Not often can we say that we have accomplished a goal. We can get so sidetracked and off target that before we realize it, it’s too late to accomplish one of our goals. If we had to look back on all the goals we have ever set, most of them would just be sitting there unfinished. However, finishing a goal is one of the greatest feelings in the world. It sets your heart on fire and motivates you to accomplish so much more. Challenge yourself to really stay dedicated to one thing and see it through to the end. The more goals you accomplish the easier it will be to stay focused. I encourage you to run after your goals and see them through, it will give you wings to chase after another and another dream. The best things in life are yet to come, see to it that you are accomplishing that which your heart is leading you towards.

This year has been full of hardships, blessings, and beautiful moments. I look forward to the year to come and the blog posts I will write in the coming months. I hope this challenge has inspired you to chase after a dream of your own.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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