Day 362: Staying Dedicated

Staying dedicated to something is one of the hardest tasks we will ever face in life. It will be a challenge we have to deal with every single day we are breathing and striving after something. In order to get anywhere, we must stay dedicated to our dreams and to the life we are trying to build.

Over the past three hundred and sixty-two days, I have had many lessons in the area of dedication. As I was deciding to do the 366 blog post challenge, I had no clue just how many time, effort, and dedication this project would take. And isn’t that true for a lot of us? Before we begin something we hardly know what we’re agreeing to and when we find out it comes as a great surprise.

The actual level of dedication we have to rise to will always knock our jaw to the ground and shake our confidence. It might not be the first day or even a few months into it, but eventually we will begin to realize what kind of dedication this project, goal, dream, etc. really requires. That point will be our turning point more so than deciding to take that first step. The true turning point will always take place after the journey has already begun.

This turning point will be the decision between continuing forward or stopping where you are. We have all faced this kinds of turning points many times in our lives. They come often and with great importance. Sometimes it can better to stop where you are, but more often than not the choice to keep going is the one we must learn to choose each and every time.

However, continuing forward will always be the harder choice to make. Stopping and giving up is easier and requires less effort. It puts us back within our comfort zones and leads us back to the life we are used to living. Stopping calls out to us and will be the choice we gravitate towards each and every time. Resisting its pull requires will power and determination, but the reward is far greater when we decide to continue forward.

When we continue and stay dedicate, our lives begin to change in front of our eyes. We progress towards our dreams and towards the life we want to be living. Our ability to stay dedicated next time is stronger than it was when facing this struggle. It builds within us a resilience when we stay focused on our goals.

Stay dedicated to the things you feel pulled towards. There are things out there that we simply must work through in order to reach where we want to be going. You have the strength inside of you to make it through. I never thought I could make it this far in this challenge and yet here I am days away from finishing the biggest commitment I have ever made.

There is a grit within you and a mental fortitude that you have yet to discover. Test your limits and you will begin to realize you can go much further than you realized. The world is yours for the taking, all you have to do is stay dedicated and put in the work.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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