Day 361: The World Is Wide

There are adventures to be had and a life to be lived. Our days are our own to treasure and explore, each offering up a unique opportunity to venture out into the unknown. There is a breeze to be felt on your skin and birds in the clouds leading you on to your next adventure. No two days should be lived exactly the same, not when there are more things to be done and other places to see.

Our lives hold such potential if we were to only reach out and grab onto it.The heart beating inside of us, moving life throughout our veins, calls to be set free. It calls to you, wanting to soar through the sky and chase after the clouds, to be alive without a doubt and to know that no curiosity will go unexplored. Take a step out into the open world and follow the pulls of your heart that lead you onward and upward. Focus your eyes on the horizon and dream of all the places you have yet to see. 

This life is the only one you have, it has every opportunity to be incredible and the choice is yours to make. There are adventures waiting for you and there are memories to be made. This life is waiting to be lived this very second before it disappears into the past.

Follow the breeze as it pushes you forward and reach up to the endless possibilities in the sky, because life is short and the world is wide. 

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

(Tinged with red)

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