Day 357: Holding On To Who You Are

Do you know who you are? During the uncertain and varying landscapes of life, we can easily lose sight of who we are. Each one of us is beautifully unique, filled with different personalities, passions, and stories that make up our identity. No two people are the same, for we each have a past filled with one of a kind experiences and memories.

Everyone is their own person with their own sense of identity, however, during trying times we can begin to forget who we are as confusion surrounds us. Life can become hectic in an instant for so many different reasons. Things become busier, circumstances change, and we feel as if we are standing atop a pile of shifting sand without anything to hold on to.

Our mind spins and solid thoughts seem far off and distant as we struggle simply to get through the next second and then the one after that. When life crashes down, our identity can be shaken and we fumble with getting back on top of the things around us. Even though life can seem to be shaking us to our very core, who we are is one of the very few constants we can hold on to.

Reminding ourselves of the things we are passionate about and hold close to our heart gives us direction when nothing else seems to be making sense. Core beliefs and our dreams are our compass when our lives become clouded with thick darkness. They provide light and a foundation to stand upon while life rushes past at breakneck speeds. That which makes us who we are, is what will provide clarity in even the most confusing times.

Feeling shaken and unsure about yourself is normal when life gets tough. However, learn to hold on to the things that make up who you are. They are your foundation, your building blocks, and your compass. When your mind reels and the world spins, find rest and comfort in knowing that you have things to hold on to. Passions, memories, stories, callings, gifts, beliefs, hopes, dreams, these will be there for you in even the most trying times.

What circumstance are you going through today that seems to be shaking you to your core? And how can you remind yourself of who you are in order to provide a foundation to stand upon? 

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt


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