Day 356: This Is Your Story

Your life is a story. It has volumes, it has chapters, it has pages, and it has words. They might not be visible to the touch, but when we look back, we can see them stretching out behind us like a world famous author with all their novels. Yes, your life is a beautiful story and you are the main character.

Every day we live through is another page added to our current book. We add them in, scribble them down, and close them up to be put on the shelves of our memory. Some chapters grow faint with time as the words become illegible and we begin forgetting the details of less interesting days.

There are those chapters that are turned through over and over again. The pages thinning from use as our minds go back to those date constantly. We underline the words, we dogear the page, and we make sure to never forget those moments. They can be the best of times and the worst alike. It can be interesting to see what on mind desires to hold on to over time.

Other times there are sections where pages have been torn out, stripped from their very binding and shoved in some distant corner. We rip out parts of our stories that we don’t want to remember and we hide it away, but it never truly disappears. We can feel the hidden stories pulsating in the back of our minds and they call to us.

No matter what our mind of memories looks like, there is beauty in the story we hold. It is unique, it is fascinating, and it is being added to each and every day. Try to remember that you are the main character of your very own story and the plot is almost entirely up to you. All you have to do is make a decision about which direction you want to take it in.

So write your story. Change the plot mid-story and throw in a good cliffhanger. This is your life and it is yours for the living. Never forget that today is another page in your story, what did that page say about the overall series? A day can truly say it all, try to make each day just like that.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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