Day 354: Growth And Decay

We all face two things in life, the welcoming arms of growth and the painful clutch of decay. They both have a great impact on who we are and the lives we are living, life cannot be lived without either one of them. If you looked back on your life and charted out every single day and month, you would see how you fluctuate between the two.

We all drift up and down on the scale of growth and decay, each day we live through varies with where we are at on the scale. When we focus on growth, we are reaching towards a version of ourselves we desire to become. This version is more rounded and contains characteristic we are working towards improving.

Growth calls up to be the very best we can be and it is a path we must walk down. That journey involves change and being focused on improving each and every day, even if it is in a small way. Tiny steps are still steps and they keep us moving in the right direction, because as soon as we stop consciously striving towards growth we begin moving in a different direction. 

Growth is necessary because without it we are decaying. Each step we take forward took effort and when we stop moving onward, our efforts begin to weaken. It is not possible to cease moving in life, it leads to the rapid decay of who we are and what we have worked on improving so far. Our lives and the world are constantly changing around us, which requires us to grow along with it.

As soon as we stop growing, however, our lives continue moving forward and leave us behind. We might not be giving up on growth, but the act of not doing anything to create movement essential leads to our decay. Growth takes effort, thought, and determination, decay takes inactivity, neglect, and indifference. 

Growth is hard. Decay is easy. Yet, one will lead you to the life you have always dreamed of living and the other will keep you trapped in who and where you have always been. The decision is completely yours to make and you must make it every second of every day for the rest of your life. That decision is this, will you be choosing to live your life in growth or in decay?

If we are not growing, we are decaying. 

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

Deep within the woods, surrounded by the lush growth of nature rests the clutching grasp of decay. Inch by inch it eats away at the previous effects of change and brings down the hope of flourishing.

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