Day 350: Doing The Best You Can

For two months I struggled with creative block. It crept up slowly at first mainly in the form of frustration with how different images were working out in my opinion. I decided mid July to try and create three images a week and while I was excited about this challenge, I did not understand how draining it was going to become.

While it is not impossible to create that many images a week, I was aiming too high because I was aiming at perfection. One thing we must learn in life is that while we can try our hardest for year, perfection is never possible. It is simply out of the question and when we aim for it we will become drained and frustrated and unsure of what to do next.

Through this journey of creative block I have come to realize several things, but the biggest lesson I have learned is something we must all begin to grasp. Perfection is impossible, therefore we must aim instead for our best. As long as we are giving it our best effort and trying our hardest, that is all we will ever need.

Some days our best will not look like it did before. Our best fluctuates with life and will rise and fall on any given day. But no matter what our best looks like on that particular day we must strive towards it with determination. It is as perfect as we can be and it is enough to get us through life successfully.

Your best will always look different from other people’s best as well. While it might look different from your own best a few days ago, it will certainly look different from everyone’s best that they are presenting to the world. We have to remember that each of us is different and going through different things. Nothing we do will ever be the same as what they do and that is okay.

Life is not a competition. It is a journey unique to our own calling, therefore what someone else is doing should have no effect on you and your journey. Try not to compare yourself with others because we will always, always compare our worst with the other persons best and that will never be fair to our own efforts.

It is about doing as much as you can with what you are given with the best of your ability on that day. For me, that has looked a lot different the past few weeks. It’s been a hard stretch of my journey and I’m still unsure if its completely over. Yet, it has taught me many lessons about what my best looks like on the bad days.

Continue forward with whatever strength you have in you that day. Perfection is a myth and even those who you believe to be perfect struggle just as much as you. Continue your journey and focus on your own best rather than someone else’s. That is the only way towards success.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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