Day 349: Keeping Our Own Commitments

It takes a lot of work to keep ones commitment. If you look back over your life you will begin to see areas where you made commitments and then fell through. I know I’ve faced dozens of situations like this in my own life where I’ve made a promise to others or even myself and then fell through that promise.

We live in a world where it is easy to make commitments, yet almost impossible to follow through with them. Everyone around us is doing the same thing and it is detrimental not only to our own success but to our relationships with those around us. Commitment helps us to become better versions of ourselves, it is a challenge that will be frustrating and hard but in the long run will pull us to another level.

Why else would we make commitments? We don’t do them simply because we can. We make commitments because we desire the good results that come from following through with those promises. It can be as small as being sure to text your friend happy birthday on their birthday or as huge as committing to spend the rest of your life with one person.

Commitments come in all shapes and sizes. They are there to push us forward, help us grow, see the world in a different light, and become someone who gets things done and follows through. We need to start taking our commitments seriously, they are serious business because so often they are left hanging there, incomplete. How often has a friend told you they would do something and then failed to follow through? All the time.

We are in a world where people promise things left and right. But in the end we’re not disappointed because a part of us knew that the commitments made would never be kept. Which is why it is so important we change that. If we change ourselves and our commitment to following through with our promises, we will make an impact. It is so rare that it will be noticed.

But before we can begin following through with our commitments with others we must learn how to keep them. We must learn how to keep our commitments by keeping the ones we make ourselves. They get overlooked so often but are indeed so incredibly important. If you cannot keep a promise you made yourself, do you really think you can keep a promise you made to someone else?

Work on keeping those commitments with yourself and overtime you will begin to see results in your life. Not only will there be growth and satisfaction when reaching the end of that promise, but you will notice a change in your relationships with others. If we can keep our own commitments, we can keep the ones we make to others. Work on your relationships with yourself first and watch your relationships with others blossom around you.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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