Day 343: Creating With Raw Emotions

A few days ago I wrote a blog post titled “An Honest Look At Life” and while I was writing it, I released myself from any sort of restricts of trying to have a point to teach a lesson. The words just flowed out from a place of desperation and it could quite possibly be the most honest blog post I have ever written.

While I was writing, I began to think of this image that was just leaping off the page at me through the words. For the first time in weeks I began to feel excited about shooting an image and incredibly inspired about the idea I was finding. It was honest, it was different, and it was in a way sadly beautiful.

Yesterday I had the chance to shoot the image and I was so excited about creating it. There was motivation in my heart to actually go out and create an image, something that has been lacking on many many photoshoots I’ve been doing. It drove me forward with hope that this image . . . this image could work.

Last night when I should have been sleeping I began editing the image and it just came together is such a smooth and peaceful way. In total I probably spent a max of two hours crafting this image, which does not take away its value as an artistic creating, but shows how smoothly it came together as a single cohesive frame that to me, expresses so much.

In the almost seven years that I have been creating, I have not crafted many images that were made from a completely raw emotion that I am feeling that moment. Usually they are developed after an event or after an emotion has passed and I have had time to think about it. I would probably say there has only been a small handful of images that are just completely raw emotion and this one is one of the few.

Because of the rawness of this image, I will always consider it to be a story that sits close to home and I hope that you will find comfort in it if you too are facing an emotion you feel is conveyed in this single frame. To hear more about what this image means to me, be sure to read the above linked blog post because nothing I say here will be able to say it way that post does.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

(conceal, hide)
Is this the reality I must deal with? Will I henceforth and forevermore be tangled with the dark swirls of fog? The ideas come and they never amount to much of anything and the question remains, is this where I have come to stay?

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