Day 341: Starting Early

September is right around the corner and is approaching far faster than any of us expected. It seems like just yesterday we were facing the beginning of March or maybe even January and in the blink of an eye we are only four months away from 2021, a completely new and untouched year that waits patiently for us.

When we reach a month like September, our minds are not naturally turning towards the end of the year even though it is approaching faster than we realize. We may be closer to the new year than we are the beginning of the current year, but still our thoughts have not begun to look towards the future.

However, I encourage you to think towards the new year. Consider the goals you have yet to accomplish this year and the steps needed to finish them in time. And then consider the goals you want to accomplish next year. Planning is a key part of making the most of the year and it is never too soon to start planning.

We approach so many new possibilities and opportunities, we must decide exactly what we want to do before it is too late to make real progress. Get ahead of yourself by really focusing in with the few months we have left of 2020. The end is always the part for me that is the most relaxed and unfocused. Let’s make this year different and really hone in on our goals we have yet to accomplish.

September is almost here as well as 2021. The future is right around the corner and you will traverse it with grace if you begin the journey forward right now rather than waiting for the last second. How will you get ahead by beginning your planning now instead of putting it off?

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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