Day 339: Encouraging Notes

I’ve found recently, that when you’re going through a low spot where you feel drained and unmotivated in life, the best thing you can do it try and get an outside perspective on your life. Preferably from someone who really cares about you and knows you well. This provides a different outlook on what you are going through and encouragement during touch times.

For a long time I have been keeping little notes from people I deeply care about, such as my family and close friends. They come in the form of cards, sticky notes, emails, etc. These small items might not look like much when you’re having a good day, but on a dark night they can create the strongest beam of light.

People other than ourselves will always see us in a different light and when our mind is stuck on everything negative, it can be so refreshing to hear wonderful words spoken about you and for you. If you haven’t kept these little notes from people, begin to keep them from this moment on. They can be a true glimpse of joy when all else seems lost.

During very meaningful conventions I really like having people who made an impact on my life sign the notebook I kept notes in. I tell them they can write whatever wherever in the notebook they would like. It can be really surprising how wonderful people are and what their observation of you looks like. It warms the heart to read back through those words and not only remember the person but the convention and the community.

Community will always be there to lift you up and saving these personal messages means they will be with you when you most need it. You will not have to have the person right there with you, all you have to do is look back and read their words. I cannot stress how big of a blessing this truly is in your life.

Word will always have an impact, keep the ones that mean the most always close at hand.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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