Day 337: Trapped Inside A Box

Feeling trapped is an incredibly human feeling that none of us can avoid for the entirety of our lives. It is a feeling that will always show up at the most unexpected time and last for far longer than we could have ever imagined. Certain situations in life, certain problems we face, and other things can make us feel as if we are snared inside of a box with no hope of escape.

The outside world is just there beyond our fingertips and we can almost touch freedom, but the wall is far too thick to be torn down or broken through. Our hearts long for the expanse of life waiting for us right there in front of our eyes, but our feet cannot take us beyond this point.

Life is hardly ever the smooth ride we expect it to be, there are ups and downs and unexpected twists and turns. It is something we must learn to expect for that is the only guarantee in life. Nothing goes as planned and when things go towards the worst, we must learn to bear what must be born.

Situations we face that make us uncomfortable or hopeless are there to teach us such important lessons that we will carry with us for the rest of our lives. Problems create strength and fortitude that help us to break through the problem sooner the next time it comes around. Life is about learning as much as you possibly can from the circumstances you face, even though they can cause such grief and frustration in the moment. 

When we are trapped by a problem, observe your circumstance and really take in your surroundings. Nothing lasts forever and the box we are in will soon fade enough for us to slip through the side and into the land of freedom. It may seem as if we are trapped in an endless circumstance, but there is hope in even the darkest situation.

Try to understand your problem as best you can so that you can know if it is the kind of problem with a solvable solution or one that must be waited out. We can often find our way out of the box in life, but sometimes we have to wait for the opening to appear. Waiting can seem painful, but there can be hidden gems in the slowest periods of our life.

While it might be hard to endure through that which we face, take heart for you are stronger than you think. Face the walls with bravery and fortitude, you will emerge victorious. 

What boxes have you faced in life and how were you able to escape?

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

(to remove, to move)
The walls close in from every direction and inside the air grows thin with a lack of oxygen. Freedom exists there on the other side of the wall that grows thinner with every second. 

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