Day 333: Fallen Bird

 There have been periods in all of our lives when it feels as if we are these helpless and wingless birds that lack the ability to soar. Our wings have been clipped and a once majestic creature of the sky becomes grounded, only able to dream about the blue sky we used to be part of. The vast expanse hangs above us, yet we are stuck below.

It can be extremely easy to feel such hopelessness in our lives when things do not go right or become confusing and disorienting. When the path to our dreams becomes clouded and grey, we fall to the earth below, believing we lack the strength to bring us through the storm that rages above. When we hit the ground, flight seems impossible, though we once did it with such ease.

To be honest, I have felt much like a downed bird these past few weeks as I struggle with creative burnout and frustration with various situations in my life. It’s a very human feeling that we all face. Know that if you’re going through a hard time when your wings are not carrying you into the clear sky, you are not alone.

There will always be times in our lives where we plummet to the ground below dragged down by this or that. What matters is how we will rise and what we will become because of the things we have faced. Will you allow the circumstance you are facing to bind chains around you that will keep you on the ground forever? Or will this make you stronger and braver than ever before?

When we find ourselves here, seek out that which will reconstruct your wings. There is something out there that will lift you back up and move you in the direction of the sky. It may indeed be different for each one of us, however, more often than not it is community with those that always support us no matter what that will help us find our wings again.

Reach out and acknowledge the fact that our journey doesn’t need to be taken alone, you are not weak because you are reaching out for there is great power in numbers. There is strength to be found in community, it will become the wind beneath our wings that moves us into a clear sky and towards that which we are called to.

The next time you find yourself crash landing on the ground, do not despair. There will come a moment when you will again be soaring through the clouds and into the beautiful sky above. No storm lasts forever and before we know it our wings will take us up after being rebuilt.

Rise and spread your wings, the sky it waiting for you.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

The fall came before the crash that left wings battered and bruised, but nothing can keep a free bird down for long. They will rise and find the sky again and again for as long as they live.

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