Day 330: Time Passing

Time. What a beautiful and heartbreaking word. It carries the entire weight of the world, yet is weightless and unable to be held. It contains millenniums and a single second. Everything consists of time and nothing lasts forever. Time is always present and incredibly fleeting. It is the most strange force present in all of our lives. It’s both a motivation and a deterrent.

Without being seen, it can be felt and has lasting long term effects. We blink and years have passed before our very eyes, yet nothing we do will slow down the steady flow of seconds. What has passed cannot be gotten back and no one knows just how much is left ahead of us. However, time is such a beautiful part of our lives. Without it we would not be alive and therefore because we have time, we have a life to live.

What matters the most is not how we have spent our time or how we want to spend our time, but how we spend the present second. The only piece of time we have control of is the time we are living through right now. Are you where you want to be? Are you spending your only life doing the things you want to be doing?

If not, you will lament all the time you wasted on things that were not truly important to you. There is no time for regret in your life, memories must be made that you will be happy about when looking back. No one is aware of how much time is left in this fleeting life. All our clocks are slowly ticking down, it’s time we become aware of how we spend the seconds.

By looking too far behind, we will be lost in the past and unaware of the present. By looking too far ahead, we will be lost in the future and unaware of the present. Your attention must be focused on the here and now, what actions can you take to make this second worth while? The time is now. 

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

The ticking of each clock slowly fades and slows as darkness begins to fall throughout the forest. Memories flood into the twilight and beautiful moments are relived.

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