Day 329: Current Moments

Memories can be such beautiful and painful things, especially when we are in situations so different from the time we are thinking about. One must remind ones self to not dwell too long on all that has been. If we stay in our memories for too long, we can get stuck and fail to realize that memories at not being made in the present moment because we are too tied up with all that has been.

It’s so important to realize where you are coming from. We all have our roots and we can never forget they’re there, but we cannot dwell on the fact that they are what they are. Whether the memories are negative or positive, we cannot stay within them forever. There must be some realization that the only moment that matters is the current one.

Our life is being lived every second, the ones that have passed are history and the ones that have not happened yet are the future. The second you are living right now is the only second that has any significance in your life. You can do whatever you please with in. Choose wisely what it is that you will do.

Memories are wonderful and they teach us so much, but there is much more to life than the moments we have lived through. Hopefully the worst is past, but some of our best moments are to come. However, if we constantly keep looking backwards, we’ll miss them completely. Keep your eyes trained on the present, it’s all that matter.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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