Day 325: Creative Burnout

Burnout is something ever artist faces at least once in their career, if not quite often. Creative burnout is probably the worst feeling an artist could ever possibly experience because one feels so empty and useless. It happens at the most random times and when it occurs it springs upon you without warning.

Art is what an artist does and when one cannot create because of the lack of inspiration, motivation, or from feelings of not being good enough, it can create a dark cloud. A cloud that hangs thick and heavy in ones chest, weighing down and smothering the fire of passion that burns in the heart. It hangs uncomfortably inside of us and any attempt at removing it, only increases its size and darkness.

Suddenly everything you create lacks everything good and wonderful. Nothing is as it should be and no amount of dedication to your craft can push you through to create something beautiful. It’s as if you’ve lost the ability to create anything satisfying and you have no inspiration to figure a way around it.

Unfortunately, I have found myself in a place where I am burned out creatively. I decided a few weeks ago to create three images a week and while it seemed reasonable at the time, I’ve come to realize that it might just be too much. There is hardly anything I love more than creating, but this past week has been torture in every way.

Creative burnout is awful, no way around it. However, there is one thing I know for certain, it will not last forever. While it may seem like the worst and most frustrating time, there will be a time soon when you will push through it. Take steps to cultivate creativity and inspiration.

Read your favorite books, watching your favorite tv show and movies. Listen to all your favorite songs and cook your favorite meal. And remember it’s okay to take a step back. While you may have goals you’re trying to accomplish, nothing done in frustration or by sheer will power will ever quite turn out the way you desire.

Take a break and remember that you’re not giving up, simply allowing the creativity to flow back through you. Distance can have a way to make your heart grow fonder and when it does, the art that comes surging back through will be incredible. 

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

(To smoke)
The fire inside smolders and dies away, thick black smoke billows into the air choking out the clean, refreshing air. But a spark will soon flare up again and the fire will be relit.

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