Day 322: Characters In A Story

As an artist, I create stories and characters that exist only in my creations. Each is unique from the one that came before it and the one that will come after. These characters tell a beautiful story that is sometimes painful and sometimes hopeful. They have emotions and a history of their own, they embody meaning and become a vessel.

This vessel is for anyone and everyone who looks at that piece of art. The story becomes personal to not only myself, but to whoever feels drawn into it. The story captures the hearts of those who are kindred to the character presented in a single frame.They become more than a character represented in an image, the viewer becomes part of them and therefore those characters become part of the viewer.

People are able to see themselves in art, even if it’s just a spark of resemblance, or on occasion, something even deeper. Art is a carrier for someone who feels drawn in by the story. They see more than the image, they see the meaning, they see the depth of the art and it reaches directly into their heart where they find a similar story to the one they are viewing. 

My deepest desire as an artist is to create stories with characters that are meaningful yet vague enough to be anyone or no one at the same time. I pour parts of myself into the images that I create, they make up fragments of my own story and are therefore meaningful to myself as well as a viewer. When I step in front of my camera however, I am no longer a photographer and I am no longer a model, I become a character in a new story and I become a vessel for connection with anyone who sees that image.

These characters are more than just me, they are part of who I am of course, but they are there for others to feel drawn towards and see themselves in. We all desire to feel seen and understood, art has a way of reminding you that you are never alone. There are others out there who have felt the same as you are feeling now. Never forget the power of art and the characters found within all kinds of creations.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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