Day 221: Your Ideal Life

What does you ideal life look like? Have you ever given it much thought or better yet, written it down in detail? We must know what our ideal life looks like if we want to progress towards it. We only get one life and it cannot be lived waiting for the future when things will “get better”. The only time is now and we must make the most of it.

All of us have idea in our mind of what we would like our futures to look like. Little scattered fragments of ideas here and there, that don’t have a plan to back them up. The problem with how we want to see our lives turn out is we never plan on getting there, we just hope our ideal life will somehow happen overnight. We dream of waking up one day and just having it.

Unfortunately, nothing in life is ever very easy and therefore we must think ahead. If we have a dream we must have a plan and from that plan we must have tasks easily done that begin to take us towards that dream. It works the same way with you ideal life. If you don’t have steps to take to propel you towards that life, you’ll never get there.

A dream without a plan is useless and you might as well give it up now. But when you have a plan and are dedicated to it, anything is possible and the world is at your door. So if you desire to live life a certain way, you must first organize your thoughts and set a plan in place to take you there.

First things first, is actually knowing what you specifically want your life to look like in three, five, ten, or even twenty years. Dream big and let your imagination take you to what you truly want. Don’t allow your current reality to dictate your future. Anything is possible and if you find yourself thinking otherwise, shut those thoughts down instantly. You can make your life anything you please, write it down and put those thoughts into physical form.

I encourage you to write it from a place of imaging like it’s real, for example write “I travel to Scotland where I have my second home every fall” rather than, “I want to be able to buy a house in Scotland where I’ll spend every fall.” Begin actually picturing your life that way and it will seem even more achievable.

Once you have a written version of your ideal life (it can be anywhere from one page to thirty, go big and don’t restrict your imagination), go through and look for all the different things you’ve listed. Transform your ideal life is bullet points and there can be a lot, an ideal life can have anything try not to restrict yourself to only a couple of things.

This list should be the actual things you want to see in your life such as a second home in Scotland and then spending fall in that home. Those are two different things even though they are part of the same dream. It’s important you dream down your dreams into actual goals that can be achieved.

From that list break down ever single item you have listed into steps that you can put on a rather short term to do list. Think one year out, one month out, tomorrow, and today. Now is the time to get very specific and break each goal down as small as they will go. In terms of having a second home in Scotland, you might have to break it all the way down to getting a higher paying job and saving a certain amount of money every month to go towards that goal.

Be extraordinarily specific and add deadlines. If you realize you might need a higher paying job in order to live in Scotland, make it a goal to find said job within the next six months. When you have deadlines, you have motivation and drive. It’s time to get into the nitty-gritty of your ideal life, don’t leave a single thing out.

Now it’s time for the most important thing out of this entire blog post. Start, you have to start today with those small goals in order to see your ideal life become a reality. If you don’t start now, you’ll never see that life come true. It’s the sad reality of life, but wishing something is a certain way will never change anything. You have to actually do something in order to spark change.

Your entire life is ahead of you, take the time today to push you towards your ideal life.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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