Day 320: New Things

Life is all about trying new things and experimenting with everything you have at your finger tips. The world is vast and there are so many things to do and experience, why limit yourself to all the things you already know? Every changes and everything shifts, we must be ready to accommodate those shifts and run into the future.

As we progress through our lives, we must be ready to face any and all uncertainties that come our way with a layer of curiosity. So much of life has yet to be explored and we must be ready to jump into that which we do not know about quite yet. New experiences can lead to the most amazing memories.

Even the smallest of things can lead to excitement about life. Try and find new things that give joy to your life and your existence. We need things that are not boring or something we’ve done a thousand times. New things are different and intriguing, they help us grow and become better versions of ourselves.

We are lazy humans naturally, find the things that make you want to get up and go do them and then do those things often. Get out a do things you wouldn’t normally do, and bring a friend. Some of the best experiences we remember have been those we embarked on with a friend by our side.

New things keep us young and engaged in life. Try big things, small things, and everything in between. If you feel a bit of fear with it, understand that that is normal because you are exiting your comfort zone. Comfort zones are comfy, but we shouldn’t stay there forever.

Get out and do so many things so that when you look back, you will look back on a life filled with so many memories. And remember it’s okay to fail, if you fail the first time, just get back up again and try again. Grow, change, and experience life.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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