Day 319: Journeying Together

Isolation is a terrible burden to bear. It weighs on the soul and can literally drag someone down into the depths. We were created to live lives filled with connection and interactions with other human beings. When we isolate ourselves or even when we are required to be isolated, it becomes a lonely ordeal that will leave a mark on someones heart.

We might not feel it at times and we may claim to be just fine with being isolated, whether by our own design or not, but deep down we know we are not fairing well with separation. Our souls long to be connected to the souls of others, to feel understood, to feel a little less alone, to feel a little less separated from others.

We desperately need connection in our lives in order to thrive. It can be hard for some to form connections with others, it can take time, and it can be easy for others. But connection there must be. We must find the people in the world meant to walk alongside us in our journey and us along theirs.

When we find others to connect with, we not only remove our isolation from our lives, but from theirs as well. When we find someone to live life alongside, we remove separation on both sides. Our souls craves contact with others, being alone in a world so filled with people and ways to feel connected can make us feel even more alone.

It’s not about interacting with as many people as possible in order to feel less separated. It’s about finding the souls our connect to perfectly. It’s about finding someone who’s being looking for you as long as you have been looking for them.

They are out there and they are waiting for you if you have not found them yet. Isolation will crush the soul into a million pieces, community and connection will restore vibrance to your life and the way you live. No journey has to be taken alone, reach out to those around you and walk through life together. 

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

The fog drifts slowly over the empty field, having heavy and dense over the earth. It blots out the rays of sun and traps the lonely souls inside of it’s embrace.

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