Day 317: Seeing With Your Heart

Life is filled with tiny little beautiful moments. They appear everywhere and often they appear suddenly when you’re not looking for them. They’re little breaths of fresh air that fill your day with a sweetness that might not have otherwise existed. These moments however, can be so easily missed if one if not keeping an eye out for their presence.

These moments can be so simple and yet so amazing. Hearing a thunderstorm and throwing open you window to peer out into the rainy night. A quote you find in a book really touching your heart. Meeting someone new that offers light into a situation you’re facing. They come in so many forms and so many times in our lives.

Yet, we look over them because we get too caught up in the overall appearance of our lives. The end result, the facade for social media, that’s what matters to us. We become so busy that we miss all the small little moments that actually make up life. The perfect breeze washing in over the ocean. The smell of perfectly baked cookies. Finding a parking spot near the door.

Everywhere we look there is beauty, but we must first be looking for it in order to find it. Beauty can be found everywhere and in every day there was something beautiful, even if it’s simply the way your bed felt as you drifted into a comfortable nights sleep. Never underestimate the small things, they bring far more happiness into our lives than any one big thing could.

I encourage you to look around you everyday and actually see. Look for beauty, look for the dappled sunlight and the smile of a stranger. Find the beauty in each moment and the more you do the more you’ll find. When we actively search for the good in life it will come to us and make itself know. Even on the worst of days, you can find comfort in the smallest details even if it’s just the way sunlight reflects off of dust.

There is good to be found. There is beauty to be found. There is a moment to be found. All you have to do is look and see with your heart as well as your eyes.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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