Day 316: Consuming Flames

There within us all, glowing softly is a spark. The smallest flame burns on within our heart, heating our skin and stirring within us a longing for something more. Each one of us has this little spark, it was created one day when we realized what had been missing all the years before.

One day in our past, we discovered the thing we knew we had to do in our lives and upon the second of finding it, everything changed. There was no way we could go back to the way we were before. It was too late, a passion began to burn within us and nothing we do could put out that which our hearts long to chase after. A spark burns within out heart, it creates a longing inside of us to follow our passion and see where it will lead.

However, often we do not stoke the fire and it remains the same as when it first began, a small flame, but nothing of consequence. It burns more as an itch than a consuming flame. Yet it is there within us, each flame looking different for each person who holds it in their hearts.

A spark can be found in every individual walking this earth. It can be found within every profession there is, not just artists as it is usually categorized. Passion can be there within us all, whether or not we allow it to grow is up to us entirely. We have a passion, but it is a choice whether or not we will pursue that burning flame.

Every step towards the things we burn for stirs the fire ever so slightly. Each step we take in the area we are passionate about, the more passionate we get about that area. We stir the fire when we do that which we love, it brings in oxygen and kindling turning the small spark into a bigger and bigger flame.

So run in the direction the spark is telling you to go in and watch the fire begin to build and grow. The heat will spread throughout your body and flames will rise higher and higher until others begin to notice the passion seeping out of you. When the other see, they too will be inspired to chase after their own little sparks.

Infuse the world with the passion you contain, for you contain multitudes and more than you can ever use up. Nurture the fire within you and feed it until it becomes a consuming blaze which you could never ignore. We are passionate beings, so grow the flame and see where the outpouring of passion will take you.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

(To be on fire, burn)
Heat rises from the inside, the smallest of sparks flaring into an inferno of consuming flames. The blaze sparks the growth of other fires and soon the world is lit by the red glow of fire.

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