Day 311: Life To The Fullest

Life is a grand adventure isn’t it? Each day that goes past is different from the last and we wake up every morning to face an endless amount of possibilities waiting for us. Just think of everything we have done already, all the beautiful adventures that have already taken place within our amazing lives. So many stories.

We are living such an incredible life and more often than not, we hardly realize what kind of a blessing that is. Days go by and that’s all they are. . . days. Something to get through and put behind you because the next one will be better or in a year from now those will be the days. We wish our lives away second by second because we’re so ready to get to the best days of our lives.

However, I have news for you. Today is your best day because today is the only day you are currently living. It can always be an improvement on what you’ve gone through before and you have the power to use it until the days you have yet to live which you cannot yet touch. The present moment is the only second we have control over, what are you going to be doing with that?

It is a grand adventure to be alive, to live and have the chance to do anything you want. The future contains endless possibilities and the only way to reach them is to take a step in the right direction every day. Start living now, not when you get to some point in the future. Use the time you have right now to do everything you have dreamed about.

You have no idea what will happen in a minute let alone in a few years. How awful it would be to get to the end of our live and regret all of the things we didn’t do because we always thought there would be a tomorrow. But tomorrow’s are in short supply, and they are far less important than the today’s of life.

Live as if you are living the greatest life in the world because you are. Your life is gorgeous and filled with such beauty, do not waste it on putting things off until a later time, you’ll regret it more than you know. Say what’s on your heart, do what you’re dreaming about doing, and take hold of the very fabric of life. Craft it into the most beautiful quilt of stories that tell of a life lived to the very fullest.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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