Day 309: Cloud Like Dreams

Dreams are by far one of the most beautiful aspects of life. They live most of their lives as a thought or an idea without becoming tangible until much later down the road. And yet, they still fill the world of at least one person with their beauty, they shine a light of possibility and higher calling into the life of the dreamer.

They call their dreamer to higher ground and into the sky high above them. Dreams exist in all of our lives and just like clouds, they come in every shape and size. Everyone has their own unique dream and only they know what it truly looks like, no amount of communicating or explanation will ever help someone else see your dream exactly as you see it. The only way for others to see your dream as you do, is to chase it until it is actualized.

While many of us have the most amazing dreams we long to see come true, how often do we really chase them? They are nice to look at and enjoyable to think about, but the actual thought of doing anything to make them real strikes fear into even the bravest heart. They are beautiful yet daunting.

A dream that pulls on our very heart will never be accomplished by staying in one place and remaining the same as you are today. If a dream is truly a dream, it requires you to move away from where you are currently and strike out on your own journey. And a dream will never leave you alone until you chase after it.

Dreams are not meant to be thought about forever, they call you forward and take you to places you have never been to before. We become scared because there is no well established path to our dream, we must blaze a trail for ourselves, that is the only way forward with the wonderful calling placed upon your heart. 

A dream is one of the most beautiful things in life, do not waste yours. 

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

(Relating to heaven or to the sky)
Far above the ground and beyond the possibilities some have thought of, floats a dream. Perfect and sincere it hangs in the air above the forces of gravity and calls to those with there feet firmly planted on earth.

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