Day 308: Used Bookstores

There’s something so very magical about a used bookstore. With all of the shelves that heave with books and look as if they might topple at any second. Time stands still in a used bookstore, much like it would on a day filled with rain or sunset at a beach. Yes, there’s something so very different about a used bookstore.

If you are of the tendency to read many books or find yourself in need of a good classic, you may be of the sort of person who has been inside such a bookstore. Dust lingers in the air, the owners usually greet you as if you are the only customer they have ever seen, and the very breath you take is filled with words.

Every type of book can be found in such a shop, you have old and new ones all jammed together in their own unique way. For it is true that no two used bookstores are ever organized in the same way. Each building they are in is different from the next, often times being in an actual house with books for inhabitants instead of people.

Yes, used bookstores are the perfect place to leave your heart and find a brand new story and adventure to find yourself in. Rare copies of old text along with the well loved children’s book, they are there waiting for your to pick it up. And just imagine, all the stories some of the books could tell.

They could tell stories of so many people. Those who found comfort in their pages or were disturbed by their contents. Those who possessed the books for years or only a few days. There are so many stories associated with each book that we will never be able to truly know. Stories of those who came before us who also found entertainment within the pages we now turn to.

If one needs a touch of magic or comfort in their lives, slip within the confines of the closest bookstore and lose yourself inside the twisting shelves and the endless books. For there are far too many books to read and so little time to read them in.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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