Day 307: A Little Life Update

I hope all of you are doing well and enjoying your summer. This is a crazy period during all of our lives, which is why I wanted to take a moment to update you as to what is going on in mine. My plans for this year have changed so many time, I’m not exactly sure of the exact number, which is why I wanted to share this plan with you. It will hopefully be the one I follow through with in the coming months.

For those of you who remember, in 2019 I talked a lot about college and did not spend a lot of time creating or posting here on my account. In fact I created around twelve images all of last year, which is completely different from this year. In January, I made the decision to take a break from college in order to pursue my photography and gain back some of the momentum I had lost.

There wasn’t a plan as to when I would go back to school, if ever, and to be honest I didn’t enjoy not knowing. My future was too uncertain and contained far too many possibilities, but that changed recently when I finally made a plan. The plan I made was simple, I would create as much as possible for the rest of the year and then in January of 2021 I would start school again.

Since I’m only doing an Associates Degree (that I plan on as of now) I will be finished with my studies in December of next year. Which means in January of 2022 I will be able to pursue my photography full-time.The main purpose of telling you this is that I have a plan in mind that will hopefully allow me to post at least once a week for an entire semester once I start school again.

I will hopefully be able to accomplish this by creating seventy images between now and January 1st. This will allow me to not only post once a week starting next year, but also twice a week until then. I have spent this entire year building momentum and hopefully will not lose it when I start school back up again.

By telling you this I am not only creating a sort of accountability partner, but I wanted to mention it because every photoshoot I share with you on my stories may not be posted until next year. Even so, I know plans change and I am ready to be flexible no matter what happens, I’ll keep you updated! As always, thank you so much for your support. I look forward to journeying into the future with you all by my side.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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