Day 306: Keeping Your Dedication

Staying dedicated is by far one of the hardest things you can do in your entire life. It’s difficult, easy to slip away from, and altogether easier to give up no matter how close you are to your end goal. As humans, we are easily diverted from accomplishing something. It is truly easy to get distracted by something other than what we are doing and chase after it instead.

We all have tasks, goals, and dreams. In life, we dedicate ourselves to many many things from the very smallest of things to the biggest dreams you can possibly imagine. And yet, we hardly ever see those things become true life, because we are so inclined to step back from a challenge. Dreams calls us to be bigger people than who we are now, but that feels far too uncomfortable so we decide to remain where we are currently.

How many goals have you given up on last minute? Probably far too many, in fact maybe too many to count. We start, we are going good for a while, but then it just fades away. We allow ourselves one little cheat and before we know it, we’re cheating ourselves out of our dreams. It starts small with the littlest tasks, but it becomes a bigger problem because every small mistake will have a much bigger impact.

We cannot keep up our passion for our goals simply by will power. It will soon run out and leave us behind and without any motivation to work towards our dreams. Even having the best plans in place and the biggest reservoirs of dedication will no keep you from tiring fast. Dreams are heavy and we must work at them like we would work at anything else in life, it will not happen overnight.

Forming habits is the best way to stay dedicated to your dreams. Built habits on the smallest scale possible so that you can pay attention to bigger tasks that require more focus. When we’re able to do things without much attention, we’ll be able to get more done and use more of our energy on the really important areas. Habits will take you step by step towards your dreams.

Dedication is nothing without the persistence and passion to keep it up on the smallest of scales. We must change ourselves in order to get to our dreams. Our dreams are meant to challenge who we are on the inside and outside and we must be willing for that to happen if we dare pursue anything worth while. So let this be a reminder to throw yourself into your habits with more dedication than ever.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt
P.S. Check out the book “Atomic Habits” by James Clear for more on this subject.

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