Day 303: Dancing In The Rain

There’s something so beautiful about watching dark clouds descend from the heavens and approach across the horizon. Feeling the light droplets of water falling down from such great heights and having the utter chance of landing upon your human frame. There is such beauty in a day so completely filled with lightning and thunder.

Dancing in the rain with thunder raging overhead has such an other worldly feeling surrounding it. It’s too perfect of a moment for this world and belongs much more to a world of whimsy and ethereal creatures. There are moments in life that never cease to make time come to a stand still, such moments as mentioned above have that power.

The sky shakes with the powerful force of thunder as the air snaps back together after the searing hot lighting tore through it seconds before. Thunderstorms contain such power and anger within their billows, yet there is peace to be found in the chaos. With the wind dancing with the leaves and sweeping across the grassy fields, it can be easy to feel your heart caught on such drafts and they call you into the fray.

And go you must, into the wind and into the rain. If you are feeling called out into the middle of a storm with racing winds and creaking branches, follow those wonderful musings and dancing in the rain. Be part of the chaos and part of the beauty. Dance with the lightning and feel the thunder shake your very soul, allow your clothes to be soaked through and toss all cares to the ravenous wind.

It all calls to you, pulling you out into the heart of a storm that moves gracefully through the air. Electricity crackles above and the deep, dark clouds flash white with light. Feel it in your heart and capture the moment. Live in the present, touch the second as it passes, not caring what has come before or what will come after.

Dance in the rain, because in such a moment all that exists is you and the storm. The wind, lighting, thunder, rain, and clouds tangle with your very limbs and coax you further and further into the midst of the tempest. Follow, for who knows where it will lead you.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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