Day 300: Seeing Beauty

There is beauty all around us in this world, even on the most harsh and bleak days it is there. We can find this beauty is we are willing to look and we will see that there is magic all around us and there always has been. When we were little we could see it so easily and now if we do not look it is not there, how sad it is to realize we have lost the wonder we once had.

Nothing kept us from seeing the beauty that existed in every flower, cloud and person that we came in contact with when we were little. No human on earth was born without a sense of wonder and excitement. Life has a harsh way of treating us as we grow and being “realistic” replaces the wonders of being curious.

It becomes unacceptable to have an imagination and all the children filled with wonder become adults who walk with their heads down and look up at the sky but no longer see the shapes in the clouds. Everyone is expected to grow up and leave their sense of magic behind them in the past.

Why is it so acceptable to grow up when all we desire is to say young forever? Yes there are certain aspects of life that have to be taken care of and we must understand some of the harsher sides of reality in order to survive, but overall, why must we lose the sense of wonder? The eyes for beauty? The imagination that can make any moment truly magical?

Look around you, no matter where you are, and actually see what surrounds you. There are layers of beauty everywhere, within the swaying tree leaves or the way sunlight reflects off of the skyscrapers. Try to see with more than just your eyes, look with your heart and the wonder of a child.

A sunset becomes the most beautiful thing in the world and a Ferris wheel can open a world of possibilities. Allow yourself time to stop and stare at the things that catch your eyes. Busyness and life can wait a moment while you take in the beauty of the world around you.

While we may be getting older, nothing say we have to grow up and lose our eye for magic. Not the kind of magic that involves spells or mythical creatures, the kind of magic that is found in the eyes of a child that belongs in the eyes of everyone both young and old. Growing up doesn’t have to involve growing up at heart, stay young, defy the odds, and keep your curiosity.

We dream of finding beauty, but we do not observe all the possibilities in the world around us. Every soul, tree, building, moment and second are filled with magic for those who dare to look. So the question is simple, what do you see with those eyes that are so filled with a thirst for wonder?

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

Dusk falls lightly on the world, bringing with it a veil of fog. The air is filled with the perfume of a fresh breeze and everything is lit by a thousand little lights that fly here, there, and everywhere.

2 thoughts on “Day 300: Seeing Beauty”

  1. I feel like I’ve been saying this for years, yet it seems like far too many if not most people are much too happy to betray their inner child in exchange for so called maturity, not realizing that that same step into adulthood marks the beginning of a slow, tedious and delayed death, one day at a time. It’s during days like these that rewatching The Lord of the Rings trilogy or replaying The Legacy of Kain series helps stave off such dark clouds and rekindle the magic within. If only more people would think like you do, aside from the world being a much more beautiful and wondrous place, perhaps we could all focus on true life extending technology, which would allow us to stay young, if not forever, at least closer to enough. Our bodies are frail, but we were meant for eternity. We are Immortal.

    Loved reading your post and getting reminded that there are many who like me, year for a different world. The photo is also excellent, like a perfect limbo between our dreams and the natural world. Excited to see it join the ranks of your other beautiful work.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Sorin! I truly enjoyed reading your comment and hearing your side of this image and blog post, it was a delight!


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